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Dr. Faye Pappalardo


A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Faye Pappalardo became the second president of Carroll Community College on July 1, 1999. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from Mount Saint Mary’s College, a Master of Science degree in Higher Education from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master of Arts degree in Higher Adult Education from Columbia University. She also received her Doctorate in Higher and Adult Education from Columbia University and completed Harvard University's Institute for the Management of Lifelong Education.

When you arrived at Carroll Community College, what thrilled you the most?
When I arrived, Carroll Community College was a very small educational institution on South Center Street. Several of us were in two trailers and others – as well as classes – were in what was then Robert Moton Elementary School. One of my biggest thrills was knowing that I was going to be a vital part of a college that was going to grow, thrive and become a quality institution of higher education that would benefit the citizens of the county. That was thrilling, but little did I know how exciting it was going to be.
What have been some of your biggest challenges as a college president?
A major challenge is a decreasing or status quo budget, especially when working to move our college forward in these trying economic times.

Always-challenging issues are maintaining and keeping up with technology so that our students and business clients have up-to-date equipment and programs, hiring full-time faculty rather than continuing to hire adjuncts, and keeping salaries of our faculty, staff and administration “competitive” are always challenging issues.

List the top three rewards of being the president of Carroll Community College:
One of my greatest rewards is working with an outstanding, caring, and loyal faculty, staff, and administration. I count myself blessed to work with and lead them.

A second reward is working in an institution that has an “organizational culture” second to none. It is truly remarkable.

The last reward is the honor of being president in a much-respected community college in Carroll County.

How do you hope faculty and staff "see" you as a president?
I hope that our faculty, staff, and administration view me as a president who shares a vision, provides leadership, is fair but just, and always a person of integrity.
The students?
It is my intention for the students to see me as a president who understands them, strives to provide the best education possible for them, attends functions on campus, and one who does not live in an “ivory tower.”

What do you hope your legacy will be at the college on an institutional level?
It would please me if people would remember me as one who was instrumental in moving Carroll Community College forward by making significant strides that have significantly impacted the county, and a college that has responded to its needs.
Your go-to read for inspiration:
Reading my favorite prayers is always an inspiration.
Music that motivates you:
Some classical/several vocalists
Comfort food:
Pizza, some soups, Hoffman's Ice Cream
Share one item on your "bucket list."  (Things you hope to see or do):
Travel, travel, travel – Italy, Switzerland.

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