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PEEPshow Hatches For the Fifth Time


The fifth annual PEEP show will be held April 5-15 at the Carroll Arts Center. Last year’s event attracted 140 creative entries, including a life-sized “Todd Peep,” “Justin Peeper” and a fantastic set of Minnions from “Despeepable Me.” In addition to the display of sculpture, dioramas, mosaics, and  graphic arts, there are even stop-motion “Peep” films shown in theArts Center’s art deco movie theater. 

Showgoers can vote for their favorites by purchasing voting chips for $1 each, 10 for $5, 25 for $10, 75 for $25 or 200 for $50. Awards to those receiving the six highest number of votes will be announced on Sunday, April 15. All proceeds will benefit the Carroll County Arts Council. one of the community’s most vibrant non-profit organizations. PEEP® souvenirs and treats will be offered for sale as well.

PEEPS® are a confection created by Just Born, a candymaker in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. What started as a hand-made Easter candy in the 1940s is now available for just about every major holiday and comes in a rainbow of tcolors. The candy has achieved an almost cult-like following and several large metropolitan newspapers across the country have organized similar contests.

The PEEPshow is sponsored by local orthodontist Dr. Edward M. Goldman and the New Windsor State Bank with support from Just Born. Admission to the event is free. Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, except for the closing day, April 15, when the voting will end at 5 p.m.

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