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Lisa Breslin

Lisa Breslin is a former editor of the Carroll County Times and has written for The Carroll Sund and The Baltimore Sun. Currently she teaches at McDaniel College. She lives in Westminster with her husband, Jim, and daughters Kyleen and Kate.

Content Posted by Lisa Breslin

Carroll County's Agents of Change

In May, Carroll Magazine sent an email to the leaders of several Carroll County organizations, including, but not limited to, the Chamber of Commerce, The Carroll Community Foundation, Carroll County Public Library, Carroll Community College, McDanie...

Brad Wilson: A Passion for Coaching

Westminster High School’s head football coach, Brad Wilson, is passionate about his job, which he views as a year-around commitment.

Giving Back

One of Carroll County’s most active volunteer workers, Beth Tevis, gives her time and effort generously to many of the area’s civic and education organizations.

Pursuing The Muses

Dr. Domingo A. Rocha, a family practitioner, could be called a Renaissance man. Not only is he a father, but has written several books, flies planes, races cars, and runs, all in a constant effort to cure boredom.

The Challenge of Intimacy

Family therapist Judy Burch explores the challenges faced by couples engaged in intimate relationships.

Love Online: You Can Lie.... But Not Forever

There are online dating sites for almost every imaginable seeker of companionship. Many are posted by people who exaggerate their assets. But the truth will win out.

Valentine's Day and Love is in the Air

Be Ready, Here Comes Love. There should be no one month or season that serves as the time to explore, celebrate or even gnash our teeth about love.But as the Valentine’s Day tsunami rises, it is easy to get sucked into the commercial declare-your-l...

The Importance of Communication

Carroll County Orphans' Court Judge Charles Harrison talks about his skills, enthusiasms, and life in Carroll County.

Rescuing With Hope

Carol Bernstein, the Westminster Rescue Mission's development officer, talks about rescuing people with hope.

Some College Students Bring Goldfish. Maddie Brought a Mule.

College freshmen bring all kinds of memorabilia to connect them to home: prom photos, photos of family members and pets, stuffed animals, their high school yearbooks, an unlimited texting plan, microwave mac and cheese, and music to lift them up whe...