Currents - Book

Cathy Baty, curator of collections of the Carroll County Historical Society, and Jerry Trescott, an architectural historian and native of Carroll County, have co-authored Carroll County, Then & Now, a compilation of photographs, largely architectural, that range from mid-19th century to the 1960s. They “should be viewed,” the authors note, “as a record of what was and what could have been,” in Carroll County. The 96-page paperback is published by Arcadia Publishing, of Charleston, South Carolina, and sells for $21.99.

Bob Porterfield of Hampstead is the author of Westminster the Way it Was, a 354-page collection of 564 historic photographs covering life in Westminster from about 1930 to 1970. In his book, Porterfield, who operated a photo studio on East Main Street for 39 years, has based his book on images recorded by a local amateur photographer, John Byers, and added many from his own collection. The paperback was designed and published by the author and sells for $34.