Denise Lewis, Broker/Owner
Brook-Owen Real Estate

41 E. Main Street  |  Westminster, MD 21157
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Brook-Owen Real Estate is a locally owned and managed brokerage. We pride ourselves in client education, advocacy, and excellent service. Our downtown office is fully staffed with knowledgeable agents and an amazing administrator. Our success rests on our belief that relationships matter, and we value our role in the home sale process as an intricate partner. Our tag line is: Front Door Values, Backyard Friends. We truly believe it and we live it. 

How do you manage expectations & embrace networking in a competitive field? 

It’s easy to compare yourself to those around you. What you might not know is they have worked 10 years to get where they are. Learn from them. Don’t compare your day one, to someone else’s year ten. 

If you have been in business and are seeing the fruits of your hard work – share your knowledge. There’s room for everyone at the table. We live in a small and wonderful community, cheer one another on. Be gracious. 

What would be the golden nugget piece of advice for someone waiting to take that next step?

Start before you’re ready. If you wait until you have it all figured out, you’ll never get there. We are never fully ready. There will always be one more thing that could be done. 

Step into that fear of the unknown, full of confidence knowing that your skill and knowledge have taken you this far and you are only getting better. Have a mentor walk alongside you. They are a wonderful source of empowerment and wisdom.

What are the Biggest Hot Topics in Real Estate right now? 

Lack of inventory is forcing everyone to put aside everything they thought they knew about the process and how to negotiate. People are pulling out all stops in an effort to be competitive while at the same time, maximizing risks, it’s tough terrain out there. This is why education and setting up reasonable expectations is critical to the process and a successful outcome.