Kati Townsley
Carroll Technology & Innovation Council (CTIC)

443-244-1262  |  www.carrolltechcouncil.org

An independent 501c3 nonprofit with the Mission of “Moving Carroll Forward” through building relationships, facilitating the development of innovation, business & technical expertise, and potential business opportunities in the region.  

How did the pandemic make you pivot your business?

In February 2020, we excitedly unveiled a new name and fresh focus on Innovation. In March, as the CTIC, we learned just how innovative we needed to be to serve our Members and Community through the trials of the next year. For one, the pandemic drove home the significance of Carroll’s digital divide. Our TechKids Program helped kids in need by partnering with CCPS, providing free computers and Comcast, providing internet service. We’ve worked innovatively to meet our mission to “Move Carroll Forward” in 2020 and beyond.

What did you learn during the pandemic that has helped your business succeed?

The ability to adapt and overcome. I’ve never worked so hard yet been so fulfilled by the work that the CTIC has done and continues to do in the face of the pandemic. Hearing from our membership that they have been broadly sharing our COVID updates, or from low-income families grateful for a student computer, reminds us we’ll get through this – together.