Marjorie Baugher at Baugher's Orchard.

Marjorie Baugher at Baugher’s Orchard.

by James Rada, Jr.   photography by Bill Ryan

Baugher’s has been a name synonymous with fresh fruits and good food in Carroll County for more than a century. The farm first began operation in 1904 and today, some customers come from as far away as Florida for their favorite fruits whether it cherries, peaches, plums or apples.

In 1948, Edward and Romaine Baugher opened Baugher’s Restaurant, which featured delicious home-style cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers enjoy an old-fashioned diner with a soda fountain and oak booths.

“They became drawing cards each for the other business,” said Marjorie Baugher, who handles all of the bookkeeping for Baugher’s. She said that the property in Westminster was bought specifically to have an outlet for the fruit grown on the orchards.

Allan Baugher

Allan Baugher

Those two locations in Westminster have now grown to a half a dozen businesses all based on agriculture and drawing customers throughout the region. On Main Street in Westminster where the restaurant is located, there is also a bakery and fruit market. Out at the Orchards, there is also a farm market and petting zoo. It’s a great example of agri-tourism.

Even as it has grown, Baugher’s has remained a family-run operation, now in its fifth generation.

“It’s nice to see young people still getting interested in agriculture,” Baugher said.

She also likes seeing the variety of customers who come out to the restaurant, or to pick their own fruit, or to buy pies at the bakery.

“There’s such a mix of nationalities, and it’s nice to see that we’re bringing people out and back to the environment.”

Joan Orem has been working at Baugher's Restaurant for 48 years.

Joan Orem has been working at Baugher’s Restaurant for 48 years.


  • Baugher’s Orchards has grown to 10 times its original 60-acre size in 1904.
  • Baugher’s makes apple butter, apple sauce, and apple cider from their own apples.
  • You can purchase fresh-canned fruits from orchards or pick your own to take home with you.
  • Since 1987, Baugher’s has offered a petting zoo that features primarily farm animals, such as lambs, goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs. You can also see some non-traditional farm animals like alpacas, llamas and peacocks.
  • Romaine Baugher began baking pies with fruit from her orchard in the 1930’s to help pay farm bills. This grew into Baugher’s Bakery, which opened in 1981 and offers 30 varieties of pies.
  • The orchards got its start in 1920 when Daniel Baugher planted 12 acres of orchard. He believed that an orchard would improve the family’s finances.
  • Baugher’s even collects and bottles local honey from hives at Baughers and other nearby orchards.
  • Allan Baugher developed the now iconic Appleman logo with the help of a local designer named Bill Weaver in 1970.
  • Baugher’s Restaurant makes 20 flavors of ice cream on the premises. You can have those flavors turned into sundaes, milkshakes, root beer floats or just eat it in a bowl or cone.


Hannah Barnes filling apple pies.

Hannah Barnes filling apple pies.

Baugher’s Fruit Market, Bakery & Restaurant
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Baugher’s Orchard, Farm Market, Pick Your Own, Petting Zoo   
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