How to Keep Your Dog From Owning You

Written By Mary Spiro According to the saying, “Dog is man’s best friend.” But the truism needs qualification: “A trained dog is man’s best friend.” I have shared my life with all sorts of canines, from mutts to pure breeds. I...

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Dream Along With Albert Einstein

Written By Sherwood Kohn If you were Albert Einstein in 1905, when he was working as a patent clerk and living in Berne, Switzerland, developing his theory of relativity, what kind of dreams would you have? That was the premise...

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Casino Night Raises $20,000 for Hospital Auxiliary

Written By Jill Stone As Sinatra tunes blanketed the dimly lit room, cheers from guests punctuated the sounds of the spinning roulette wheel, the bouncing dice, and the flipping cards. No, it wasn’t Las Vegas. It was Casino...

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What is Volksmarching?

Written By Donna Engle One wall of the recreation room in Jerry Baugher’s house near Mount Airy is filled with hundreds of brightly colored patches, souvenirs of trails trekked across America and in Europe, 20,000 kilometers...

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The Beat, Beat, Beat of the Tom-Toms

Written By Jill Stone One drumbeat sets the rhythm. Boom tap, boom tap, boom, boom tap. Gradually other drummers move in until the layers of rhythms are so complex that the beats bounce off the wood floors and skim along the...

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Uniontown: A Stroll Through Victorian Charm

Written By Jane Frutchey Blink your eyes as you drive on Uniontown Road and you might miss Uniontown entirely. That’s one good reason to park your car and walk, savoring the sights and sounds of one of Carroll County’s most...

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The Art of the Yard Sale

Written By Cari Pierce The garage, driveway and yard were strewn with camping equipment, dishes, clothing and furniture that just didn’t make the merge of households. I had shopped my fair share of yard sales. I had never held...

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Are Carroll’s Kids too Fat?

When Jason was a baby, his chubby apple cheeks and round little tummy were welcome signs to his parents that he was happy, healthy and thriving. Fast-forward 10 years.Little Jason has grown – and how! Thanks to television,...

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Creating Because She Must

Written By Evan Balkan In Lisa Sheppard’s studio, hundreds of dual-toned pastel sticks lie ready, like a psychedelic candy shop display. But the explosion of color is not necessary to trigger Lisa’s creative juices. That process...

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Shopping for Summer

Written By Melinda Tennison Style Bootcamp: Boys of summer stay cool in gear from PacSun in Westminster’s TownMall. Defend your right to ride the waves in military-inspired Hapuna Camouflage boardshorts with all-over Hawaiian...

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Fallfest: Crown Jewel of Fundraisers

Written By Lisa Breslin Bingo, kettle corn, rides, dunking booths, the parade, music and lots of cash for local charities – these are often the images linked to Westminster’s Annual Fallfest Celebration, which has been a...

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