Focus on Beauty

Written By Evan Balkan Glamor is not the point. Beauty is. To Eldersburg artist Paula Waterman, a heifer grazing in Carroll County is as majestic a sight as a sunbathing cheetah in the Kenyan savannah. Paula makes her living as...

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What to Do With All That Stuff

Written By Mary Spiro Forget the “I might need it someday” excuse…Get Organized! Temperatures outside are the lowest of the year and you are stuck inside with all your stuff, suffering from cabin fever. Perhaps...

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The Music May Change, But the Dance Goes On

Written By Lisa Breslin One of Kelly Chiavvaci’s favorite childhood memories is of her parents attending the annual Holiday Dinner Dance at the Westminster Riding Club. Mom put on her holiday dress, dad dressed in his tuxedo and...

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What Happened to the Presidents?

Writtem by Sherwood Kohn Presidents’ Day, which falls on the third Monday in February, has an interesting history. Originally, everyone celebrated Washington’s birthday, on February 22 (actually, under the calendar that was in...

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The Arcane Art of Coping With the Holidays

Written By Cathy Drinkwater Better Preparing for the holidays is an art. And like any art, it takes time to master. Give Doug and me another 20 or 30 yearsÉwe’ll get it right. Between us, we have 22 immediate family members for...

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At Least 22 Ways to Spice Up the Holiday Season

Written By Cari Pierce At this time of year, most of us find ourselves hurrying to complete familiar errands and participating in necessary, often routine, activities. We plan, decorate, shop, host, wrap and visit. In the midst...

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Does Winter Give You the Blahs?

Written by Mary Spiro You might think that short days, gray skies and chilly temperatures would make days at the beach a distant memory, and going down to the shore in the dead of winter might seem a little flaky. The truth is,...

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The Year’s Distinguished Carroll Countians

Meet Carroll Magazine’s distinguished Carroll Countians for 2005. We selected them on the basis of their ongoing commitment to our community and their tireless efforts to make Carroll a better place in which to live, work...

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County’s Nonprofits Get a Big, New Holiday Gift

Written By Patricia Rouzer This year Carroll County’s nonprofit community is getting a very special holiday gift, and, boy, is it a whopper. Around New Year’s, some 20 Carroll nonprofits will move into a brand new multi-story...

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