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The J.R. LeFaivre Construction Company has built its reputation on providing high quality home remodeling services for clients throughout Carroll County. We are known for our comprehensive planning and design expertise, working to incorporate our clients’ requirements and delivering expert craftsmanship and functionality with every project. We guarantee a spectacular project that exceeds your expectations. Call us today to discuss the remodel that you’ve always wanted.

How can I refresh our bathroom without a full custom remodel? 

We understand that remodeling a bathroom can be expensive. In order to keep the project as affordable as possible and avoid costs associated with a custom renovation, we recommend upgrading your fixtures and faucets in their existing locations. Consider our Fast Path Program, with three tiers of bathroom renovations that provide a quick refresh while controlling renovation costs. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum programs offer fixture and faucet selections that are functional and attractive, at varying price point levels. Many customers feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options in the market today, and they appreciate our narrowing down the selections for them. Of course, others decide, once they involve themselves in the details, that they prefer a custom remodel after all.

What are the most important points to consider before a kitchen renovation?

Know the difference between your wants and needs? Do you want an island or is storage more essential? What is your investment range? These are important considerations as your budget allows you to realistically determine the scope of the renovation. A good resource is Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, which assists in establishing a budget using verified regional costs from licensed professional contractors and realtors. Once your financing is set, find an experienced design-build contractor who can create an inspiring design that is suited to your taste and will fall within your price range to build. Lean on your contractor for the best materials and value for your project and lifestyle. Make sure you feel comfortable working with your contractor for this important project that will be a focal point for your family.