Tyler Metz

The late March day was clear and cool. There was no wind, and a judge for the First Annual Carroll Magazine Egg Drop competition was dropping eggs from a Sunbelt Rentals manlift 50 feet in the air onto the unforgiving surface of the parking lot at 83 E. Main Street.

Down below, another judge marked where the eggs fell. Surprisingly, only one of the eggs splatted on the pavement. Three others stayed in their containers but did not survive the fall. Only one managed to endure unscathed. Someone shouted, “It’s Alive!”

The event was a contest designed to appeal to techies who would be challenged to build passive structures that could protect a raw egg from breaking, even though it was dropped twice from a specified height.

Tyler Metz, 9, a home-schooled resident of Westminster, won the $100 first prize with an egg inside of a container consisting of a cylinder within a cylinder, cushioned with foam. His mother said he would save the money.

Second place, $50, was won by Daven Patel, of Finksburg, and third, $25, went to Richard Aufarth, also of Finksburg.