by Mable Buchanan

Even if you ask your child about their class and they can’t think of a “teacher’s pet” it’s probably still a bad idea to buy your child’s teacher a parrot as a token of appreciation. If that was the plan A that you had in mind, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

It can be hard to think of what to get for a teacher if you’re not familiar with their personal taste, foods or drinks that
they enjoy, or how much space they have to hold the gifts that you give, however beautiful or thoughtful—or how
many parrots they may already have. And sometimes, removed from the scene of action, it can be hard for a parent to think of what might be helpful in the classroom. In light
of this, here are ten ideas of easy gifts to find, make, or purchase for your child’s teacher.

Like any other gift though, as the saying goes, it really is
the thought that counts. Appreciating your child’s teacher’s work and influence and supporting education by encouraging and supporting them has already set you up to find something you will enjoy giving and they will appreciate—
so here are some ideas just to help you brainstorm.

GIFTS MADE BY STUDENTS like thank-you notes, crafts, or appreciative scrapbooks, or a picture of the class signed by its students, are a thoughtful way to show a teacher that they are appreciated.

A WINTER WELLNESS BASKET is a thoughtful idea for the winter, especially as children in the class begin to spread colds and viruses and catching their illnesses seems inevitable. Including items like hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and honey, tea, or cough drops can help a teacher out during cold and flu season.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES like post-it notes, sharpies, chalk and dry-erase markers, a clipboard, or even grading stamps can be a fun surprise and save the teacher from having to spend their own money on them. It can also be fun to arrange them in a reusable lunch bag or a bouquet or cup decorated by the student.

A GIFT CARD for coffee, tea, or food, or to a local business, can save a teacher money while also remaining thoughtful to what they personally like, instead of taking a chance and hoping that they like a specific flavor or drink. Furthermore, sometimes multiple parents from a class can come together in purchasing a gift card. However, if you do happen to know of a type of tea or a snack that is your child’s teacher’s favorite, that can be another great idea for a small and thoughtful gift.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS for a teacher of small children are a gift that can be helpful for future classes, especially if those books are educational or relate to a subject that he or she likes to cover.

GAMES FOR INDOOR RECESS can be another helpful option, depending on what your child’s class does on rainy or snowy days. If staying inside and playing games is usually the backup plan, board games or card games like Uno can be good options.

PERSONALIZED NOTEPADS or STATIONERY can be a thoughtful gift that a teacher can use every day, and may be something that they have not already decided to buy for themselves.

DONATIONS TO CHARITY, particularly if your child’s teacher is very dedicated to a particular cause, can be a good way to give them something personal while staying considerate to their taste or lack of desire for clutter.

YOUR HELP organizing the classroom materials at the end of the year, chaperoning field trips, putting together stage sets or performances, organizing fundraisers or Scholastic book orders, or contributing to any other large-scale project that a teacher can’t do alone, can sometimes be the best gift that you can give.