Written By Lisa Breslin

Westminster resident Walter “WC” Knight thought a long time about the perfect Christmas gift for his girlfriend, Christy Johnson, 24, of New Windsor. He wanted something romantic, something to wow her, something that that seemed unattainable, a gift that would spark that heart-tugging moment that most people only see in the movies.

So he took her to the movies. Well, not just the movies – THE holiday movie of all time: “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And he rented the entire theater for a private screening.

On a cool evening in December, WC took Christy, his girlfriend for more than five years, to her favorite local restaurant (Harry’s Main Street Grille), then walked her up the street to the Carroll Arts Center where the two of them snuggled through the movie that makes you want to hug anything that breathes once it’s over.

“It was such a great present. The movie is my favorite – and the theater is beautiful,” said Christy. “I remember going there when I was a little girl to see ÔSnow White.’” -L.M.B.