by Kate Gardner

Finding the rhythm of getting back to school takes time and adjustment — for both students and parents — but technology can help. Here are some apps that can help everyone stay organized and make the mundane just a little more interactive.


This app is a digital list of all due dates for homework assignments, papers and tests. It also tracks class schedules and has a calendar that pulls together classes and due dates in one place. The app has a rating of 4½ stars, and it’s available free for Apple and Android.

Cozi Family Organizer

Organize your family’s school shopping, assignments, practices, and events easily on this do-it-all app that allows you to add to a calendar, color-code for each child, and even check off chores and appointments. It can be shared, and all items can be checked off when completed.
The app has a rating of 4½ stars, and it’s available free for Apple and Android.

Alarm Clock Plus

Customize your wake-up call to a song or a noise. In addition, it has a math alarm that asks you to solve a problem as you get out of bed. With options like snooze and music that gradually gets louder as you wake up, this app is a great way to start your morning. Available through Android.

Khan Academy

This app provides lessons and tests/quizzes on a host of topics, offering parents a chance to catch up on skills and giving students extra practice. It covers topics on a vast range of academic subjects. There are learning videos, and the app tracks accomplishments and completed tutorials. The app has a rating of 4 stars, and it’s available through Apple.

LaLa Lunchbox

This is a meal planning app that could be fun for both kids and parents. It allows kids to make healthy food choices for their lunchbox, incorporating monsters, colors and sounds.
The choices then transfer to a shopping list for mom and dad. Favorite meals can be saved
to a library in the app.This app is rated 3¼ stars, and it’s available free through Apple.

Here Comes the Bus

This app lets parents track the location of their child’s school bus, which can be extremely helpful during bad weather. Updates are given in order to make you aware of any last-minute route or arrival time changes. Best of all, it alerts parents when kids are safely at school.
This app is rated 3 stars, and is available free for Apple and Android.