Emily Bollinger Miller
Barnes-Bollinger Insurance Services, Inc.

95 West Main Street | Westminster, MD 21157
410-848-5800 | www.barnesbollinger.com

Barnes-Bollinger is the premier Independent Insurance agency partner of our community. Our team of risk advisors specialize in working with clients to create customized Insurance solutions for businesses, families and lives. 

What did you learn during the pandemic that has helped your business succeed?

The pandemic taught me to be dynamic. As a leader, the priority was to keep our team safe. That meant implementing remote work capabilities, altering our operations and doing so securely. 

As a trusted advisor to my clients, the priority was to be as clear and direct, as possible, regarding coverage, proactive with changes and accommodations and also empathetic to each business’ unique challenges. I did not deliver much good news to clients that we are so proud to serve. Many times I was simply a shoulder to lean on and I’m grateful to have clients that trust me enough to help them navigate such difficult times in their own lives. 

Coming through the pandemic, we’ve continued to aid our clients, pursue relationships with new prospects and welcome our team back to the office. I’m grateful to measure our success by the way we support our clients.