Emily Bollinger Miller
Barnes-Bollinger Insurance Services, Inc.

95 West Main Street | Westminster, MD 21157
410-848-5800 | www.barnesbollinger.com

Barnes-Bollinger Insurance is the premier Independent Insurance agency partner of our community. Our team of risk advisors specialize in working with clients to create customized Insurance solutions for businesses, families and lives. 

What advice would you offer to other women in business just starting out?
Never stop learning. Every day, learn something and be curious. Don’t be bashful and push yourself to meet new people. Be serious about investing in your relationships – personal and professional. Also, be confident and don’t cut yourself short. If you look around and you are the only woman in the room, that should fuel you, not scare you.

What do you look forward to when you go to work?
I look forward to hearing people’s stories. I work with many business owners of small to mid-sized growth-oriented companies and I admire their entrepreneurial spirit. From those stories, I can gain a better understanding of how I can be a strong partner to and for them.