Denise Lewis
Brook-Owen Real Estate

41 E. Main Street  |  Westminster, MD 21157
410-871-1110  |

Brook-Owen Real Estate’s success can be attributed to bringing back the good ol’ days of accessibility, accountability and excellent service. I built my personal business on these pillars and it made sense to use a tried and true formula when creating my vision and mission statement for the brokerage. Serving our clients and community is a true blessing.

How have you mentored or inspired others?
I am a true believer in pouring into others both inside and outside my walls. I obviously love to share my knowledge and experience usually by having newer agents shadow me. Real Estate has a four-year learning curve, so you have to be equally invested in the process. I find real life scenarios are the most relevant and teachable tools.

One of my favorite ways to encourage and give back, is to open my office space to local female owned small businesses who don’t have the benefit of store frontage exposure. Hosting a book signing for a local author who used it to catapult her exposure was another unique win. Paying it forward is a must. It may be the only chance someone has to succeed.

What do you love most about doing business in this area?
Believe it or not, I travel the state quite frequently. When describing our county to my counterparts, I often refer to our ZIP code as E-I-E-I-O. The fact that you can drive two miles and pass condos and cows is the best of all worlds. I love being on Main Street where we have a front row seat to our parades, Fall Fest, and all the other events that make us unique and inclusive. Our tag line is Front Porch Values-Back Yard Friends.
That’s what I love the most, all the friends made along the way. 

2005| Rookie Of The Year Award
2007| Community Service Award
2013| Community Service Award
2017| Realtor Of The Year Award
2019 | Distinguished Service Award
2019| President’s Cup Award CCR