Carroll County is a rich place to live. I’m not talking about income, I’m talking about a community that prioritizes education, parks and recreation programs, libraries, health care access, the arts. I’m talking about a place where there are still volunteer firefighters responding to calls and organizations making sure our local children in need get backpacks and school supplies at the beginning of the school year. Carroll County is a rich place to live because of its people.

We call this issue the Heart of Carroll issue because we like to shine a light on the folks who are helping others — some boldly, and some behind the scenes. Some are presented with a situation where they have to decide to act in the moment, like the young Boy Scout who likely saved a neighbor’s house from burning down, and the restaurant patron who started a life-saving procedure on a fellow diner who was having a heart attack. Some choose a career around service, like the police officers, firefighters and EMTs who show up whenever called upon.

And then there are those who give their money and their time to have a great impact on the lives of others, affecting broader swaths of the community. Drs. Chitru and Vimala Naganna settled in Carroll County in 1975 and pretty quickly started improving the lives of Carroll Countians, first by helping patients in their medical practice, then by bringing new technologies and capabilities to Carroll Hospital. And over the decades they have given millions of dollars to local organizations to help our young people thrive.

We don’t all have millions to give away, but we should look to the Nagannas and others who give generously as donors and volunteers for inspiration. We are preparing to turn the page into 2022, and that presents a perfect time to make goals for the year to come — meaningful ways to serve our community. It could be as simple as donating blood, volunteering to tutor kids at a youth center, spending time with older residents at a senior center, or caring for pets at a rescue. If you need more ideas, check out the article on ways to pay it forward on page 66.

I think the best way we can honor the people who are making life so rich in Carroll County is to do our part, figure out where we can have some impact. Whether it’s donating a million dollars or buying coffee for the veteran sitting across the restaurant, we all have a role to play.

The folks here at Carroll Magazine wish you a healthy and safe holiday season, and we offer up cheers to good things in 2022.


Kym Byrnes