What Happened to Diction?

Written By Sherwood Kohn The other night, Monna and I were watching late night television, and at the end of the show — it could have been Leno, Letterman or Saturday Night Live — a rock band came on. It was called...

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A New Year’s Resolution

As we enter the New Year, Carroll Magazine will have been publishing for three years. One would imagine, after 18 issues, that we would have exhausted the subject, that is, Carroll County. Not so. In fact, the more we dig into...

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Toward an Adequate Vocabulary

Written By Sherwood Kohn “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Baloney, unless you have the hide of a rhinoceros. Words matter. Why else does our society make lying illegal? Why does legend...

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Celebrating the 4th of July

Written By Sherwood Kohn On Independence Day, of all days, it seems to me, we ought to celebrate active participation; in society, in government, in life itself. From all indications, there is a spirit of apathy smothering our...

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Toward a New Civility

Written By Sherwood Kohn After the long winter’s dormancy, the arrival of spring and its accustomed reawakenings rekindle one’s kinder tendencies; a resurgence, if you will, of civility. And heaven knows, it is welcome. As if we...

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Out of the Air

Written By Sherwood Kohn Someone wrote me a note the other day, asking where we at Carroll Magazine get our ideas for stories. It was one of those questions that make you reexamine what you do and how you do it. To begin with,...

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Fear of Frying

Written By Sherwood Kohn It seems obvious that our country has a weight problem. From all accounts, we are in the grip of an obesity pandemic. As Patricia Rouzer reports in this issue, doctors are seeing more children who are...

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Renewed Dedication

Written By Sherwood Kohn We are one. That’s not unusual. Plenty of fledgling publications get to be one year old. The trick is to keep the contraption upright and going in the right direction. Last year at this time, like the...

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A Curmudgeonly Tribute to Father’s Day

Written By Sherwood Kohn Nobody but the department stores and various purveyors of greeting cards, gadgets and cheap cologne seems to take Father’s Day seriously, and least of all fathers themselves. Sure, everybody gets all...

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Editor’s Note

Written By Sherwood Kohn Gentle reader, you may have noticed that the publishers and I have the same last name. It is not a coincidence. It is a matter of sheer, unabashed nepotism. The publishers are my sons. Fate has a strange...

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Publisher’s Note

Written By Josh Kohn It was about a year ago to this month that we were driving down the road and noticing the vast changes that are occurring in Carroll County. Of course the changes have been happening for 15 years, but these...

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