Photos supplied by Catherine Baty on behalf of The Historical Society of Carroll County.

ABOVE: Summer is a time for relaxing in the sun. One of Carroll County’s favorite places was Frock’s Sunnybrook Farm on Bond Street, just outside Westminster. Established in the 1920s, it had a banquet hall that could be rented for weddings and other events, picnic facilities, and a swimming pool. Frock’s offered Sunday dinners and also held dances. Gene Frock and his Swingmasters band had a large following and drew crowds whenever they performed. Frock’s was a Carroll County tradition for over 50 years before closing in 1997.


Families could come and swim but children could also take swimming lessons taught in conjunction with the Red Cross.


Gene Frock and the Swingmasters, 1947. Gene Frock is conducting with Charlie Swinderman on piano, Willie Barnes on drums, Levine Saylor on guitar, Eddie Plunkert on trumpet, and saxophone players (from left to right) Richard Yingling, Lynn Fisher, and William Yingling.