compiled by Kym Byrnes

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Finding the Perfect Gift for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner. What will you be giving Dad this year? From the sensitive dad to the adventurous dad and every type in between, finding the perfect gift can seem daunting. But fear not! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of Father’s Day gifting, ensuring that each dad receives a gift as unique as he is.

Choose a gift that reflects Dad’s unique personality and interests, no matter what type of dad you’re shopping for this Father’s Day. Whether it’s a sentimental gesture or a practical gift that he can use every day, what’s most important is showing him how much he means to you. Happy Father’s Day!

• The Sensitive Dad

Sensitive Dads wear their hearts on their sleeves and cherish moments of emotional connection with their loved ones. For the sensitive dad, consider gifts that evoke warmth and sentimentality. A personalized photo album filled with cherished memories, a heartfelt handwritten letter expressing your appreciation, or a soothing essential oil diffuser for moments of relaxation can all make thoughtful gifts. Help Dad find his zen with a luxurious beer spa experience at BierBath ( in Sykesville. You read that right: Enjoy a spa experience while relaxing in a beer bath and sipping on a good brew at the same time.

• The Adventurous Dad

Always seeking the next thrill, the Adventurous Dad is up for anything, from mountain climbing to skydiving. For him, the perfect Father’s Day gift fuels his sense of adventure. Consider gifting him a day of rock climbing with a professional guide, an outdoor adventure magazine subscription, or a high-quality backpack for his next hiking expedition. For a true adventure, send Dad into the skies for an aerial tour of the county. Airplane tours in a Cessna 172 are available through Dream Flight School ( at the Carroll County Regional Airport or take a helicopter tour with ITA ( in Taneytown.

The Macho Dad

The Macho Dad exudes confidence and strength. He loves all things rugged and manly. For him, the perfect Father’s Day gift celebrates his masculinity. Think of a premium leather wallet, a set of artisanal beard grooming products, or a classic watch that exudes timeless elegance. Help Dad look cool driving around in his sports car (or minivan — macho dads can drive minivans, too) with a car detail service. Check out personalized detail services at Westminster Car Wash & Detailing ( or Gary’s Auto Detailing ( in Eldersburg.

The Foodie Dad

For the Foodie Dad, every meal is an opportunity to indulge in culinary delights and explore new flavors. Consider gifting him a reservation at a renowned restaurant, a gourmet cooking class where he can learn to craft his favorite dishes, or a subscription to a monthly artisanal food box filled with delicious treats. Carroll Community College ( offers “cooking, beer, wine, and spirits classes” throughout the year, and Westminster’s Exploration Commons has a variety of classes in its state-of-the-art industrial kitchen (

The Funny Dad

Always quick with a joke or a witty remark, the Funny Dad knows how to light up a room with humor. For him, the perfect Father’s Day gift will tickle his funny bone. Consider gifting him a collection of his favorite stand-up comedy specials, a hilarious board game for family game nights, or a night out to see a comedy show. Check out the BrewHaHa Comedy Series at the Carroll County Arts Council. Shows include live comedy with a pre-show happy hour (

• The Tech-Savvy Dad

The Tech-Savvy Dad always has the latest gadgets and gizmos and is not afraid to show them off. For him, the perfect Father’s Day gift is cutting-edge and techy. Think smart home devices, the latest smartphone accessory, or a subscription to a tech magazine. Find local hands-on activities at Exploration Commons, which offers classes and facilities for 3D computing and printing, augmented reality projects and robot coding (

• The Sports Fanatic Dad

This dad bleeds his team’s colors and can recite stats from games played decades ago. For the Sports Fanatic Dad, consider gifts that will help him show off his team spirit. A jersey or cap from his favorite team, tickets to a game or even a sports-themed gift basket filled with snacks and memorabilia are sure to score a touchdown. Check out the goods at Great Moments Sports Memorabilia ( in Westminster to help Dad spruce up his man cave. This shop offers everything from framed and autographed jerseys to autographed baseballs, helmets and sports cards.

Checking in with Local Dads

David Barry is the director of Dads Works, a local nonprofit that helps dads overcome barriers to fatherhood. Barry says Father’s Day is a day to honor dads and their contributions to the family. “Remember what dads want most from their families is respect and appreciation,” Barry said. “So anything that communicates these feelings will be in the winner’s circle with Dad.”

According to Barry, some dads want time with their families to celebrate Father’s Day — maybe with a cookout or activity like golf, swimming or a simple game of croquet in the backyard. Some dads are tied to tradition. Father’s Day means keeping a tradition alive, like going to an Orioles baseball game, a car race or target shooting at a gun range.

We checked in with some local dads to see what an ideal Father’s Day looks like for them. Check it out and share your ideal Dad’s Day with us at

David Barry

Barry is the founding member of the nonprofit Dads Works and the developer of the Dads Works curriculum. He has personally helped more than a thousand men take active steps toward becoming better fathers.

“In addition to spending time together and engaging in activities, some dads like Father’s Day gifts. Some gifts I received over the years are new T-shirts, a new grill, a new La-Z-Boy recliner, gift cards to my favorite restaurants, new sunglasses, a new book to read, a new hat and a new barbecue tool set. Then there are the gag gifts, like a walking cane with an attached horn or a cowboy hat with flowers on it.”

Jeremy Willet

Jeremy is a husband and adoptive dad to his son and daughter from Africa. He travels the world as a worship leader, public speaker and advocate for social justice. He lives on a 100-year-old family farm in Westminster, where his family practices sustainable living.

“My favorite Father’s Day moments are getting together with my own dad [and] with my kids to see three generations together eating, laughing and playing baseball. My son is 11, and my daughter is 10.”

James DeWees

Carroll County Sheriff James DeWees is a retired captain with the Maryland State Police and is serving his second term as the county’s sheriff. A Carroll County native, DeWees and his wife Heather raised their three children here.

“My Father’s Days have almost always been celebrated at a baseball field or basketball gymnasium for as long as I can remember. But this year marks the last time that will happen now that two of my children are in law enforcement and my last graduates from York College this spring. So that will only happen this year if the York College baseball team gets deep into the college World Series. Father’s Day will likely be spent watching an Orioles game with my family at home. It’s also fun to see what they conspire to get me now that my wife refuses to buy a gift from them since they all have jobs now!”

Sean Lawlor

A retired police detective and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Lawlor lives on his farm outside Taneytown with his wife and two sons.

“Ideally, I’d like to do some meaningful activity with the boys, ages 10 and 12. Camping, fishing and canoeing are some of our favorite things.”