by Heather Morris

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8 this year, but before you start throwing items in your Amazon cart, you may want to ponder what moms really want for their special day. And it may surprise you that the most-requested gifts on their list are not found on a shelf or in a store.

A 2018 NBC News article showed that 35 percent of moms just “want a break from the mama routine,” while 26 percent asked for a “good night’s sleep” instead of a gift. On the flip side, brunch, a long hike, and time spent with family ranked high on the list for moms of older children. For those who wanted gifts, a spa day and a clean house were the most asked for. Overall, moms ranked experiences higher than physical gifts. So when you are out shopping this year for that special mom in your life, you may win her over with something she doesn’t even need to unwrap.

We polled some local moms to see what unique, memorable, and even silly, gifts they’ve received over the years for Mother’s Day. Here are a few of our favorite responses.

The most thoughtful gift I ever received was an assortment of goodies my husband picked up from several bakeries around the area. We had dessert for days! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I loved it and it was the gift that kept on giving for days — Nichole, mom of 2, Westminster

One year, I believe it was about 30 years ago, my son typed “I love you Mommy” in the shape of a heart on a typewriter and gave it to me for Mother’s Day. As you can imagine, it is one of my most treasured possessions. I keep it next to my desk so I see it every day. They say it’s the little things and I wholeheartedly agree! — Brenda Meadows, executive director, The Shepherd’s Staff

With the limitations of Covid last year, my husband and kids took me on a picnic and kayaking at Piney Run Park. I love outdoor activities, so this was a perfect day for me. — Jamie, mom of 2, Westminster

When the kids were little, my husband would draw me a hot bubble bath, light candles, and pour me a glass of wine. It was so awesome to escape for a bit and relax. — Julie, mom of 2, Westminster

One year, my daughter made me an angel ornament for Mother’s Day. It was so scary, we used to call it our Christmas Witch! Later, when the kids were older and making their own money, one of my sons bought me a scarab watch. I love scarabs and never knew he was paying attention when I used to talk about them, so this was a special gift. — Mary Jo, mom of 7, Finksburg

I used to love getting those fill-in-the-blank papers the kids would fill out at school when they were 4 or 5 years old. We still joke about my son’s response to what Mom likes to do to relax… laundry! And his reasoning made complete sense when he said, “That’s what I see you do all of the time so I figured you liked it!” — Danielle, mom of 2, Westminster

The most memorable thing I got for Mother’s Day was a handmade card from my kids that spelled “Mother” in elements from the periodic table. Each letter combo was an element that described a mom. So super creative and fun. The homemade things always meant more to me than the massage gift cards or jewelry. – Aimee, mom of 2, Manchester

My family bought me a flowering tree for Mother’s Day last year. I am so looking forward to seeing it bloom this spring and for years to come! — Kim, mom of 2, Westminster

My kids gave me a Shutterfly photo book of terrible family pictures — on purpose! They think they are hilarious! — Gina, mom of 3, Westminster

I love triple chocolate cake. My husband and kids thought it would be funny to order me my favorite cake with a poop emoji on it! Happy Mother’s Day to me! — Christina, mom of 3, Westminster