Angelo and Erica Monteleone of Original Pizza.
Erica believes that pizza making is a labor of love.

by Michael Vyskocil, photography by Nikola Tzenov

If you’re traveling through Union Bridge, you have to stop and grab a slice at Original Pizza. This pizzeria is practically an institution in Carroll County’s pizza establishment pantheon. 

Angelo and Kristina Monteleone took over the Union Bridge pizzeria, which was originally started by a distant cousin, in July 1986. Before coming to work in Carroll County, the two made pizzas at Angelo’s Brothers pizzeria in Biglerville in Adams County, Pa. “After making their first batch of our delicious homemade dough which produces our pizza and sub rolls at Original Pizza,” said current owner Erica Monteleone, “they have been capturing hearts countywide.”  

When asked to describe a signature pizza, Monteleone said it would have to be their classic cheese pizza. “Just as we don’t provide specials because we believe that all of our food items are made special, we don’t have any signature items,” she said. “If you talk to customers, you will hear an array of answers as to what is the best: any pizza, stromboli, subs, homemade lasagna and even our salads get accolades.” 

Pizza making, Monteleone said, is a labor of love for her family and employees. She believes that pizza and family are so intertwined that it creates “a way of life for most of us who grew up in this industry.” 

Erica Monteleone

Fueling this way of life, Monteleone believes, is the Union Bridge community itself. “They know that we need them as much as they need us,” she said. “Without their consistent support and word of mouth, we would not have made it all these years. On the county level, we love that our small community is able to spread the word so much that we have many customers from all over our county. It makes us proud of all our hard work to have so many customers who enjoy the labors of our love.” 

Fun Fact: During the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Original Pizza offered pizza kits that provided all the elements customers needed to create their own Original Pizza at home

Original Pizza
2 S. Main St., Union Bridge • 410-775-7911