Headed for the Sand? You Need to Gear Up!

Written By Shelly Horn Soon many Carroll residents will pack their suitcases and head to the beach. But will they have the latest innovations and styles in beach gear? Carroll Magazine readers will. From the beach chair that has...

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Taneytown: Where Everyone Gets Involved

Written By Patricia Bianca Taneytown may be the oldest town in Carroll County, but it is by no means the largest. With a population of just above 6,000 barely evident from its main thoroughfare, more than one passerby has dubbed...

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It’s Murder, She Said… Benefiting the Arts

Written By Lisa Breslin The movie screen rolled down at Carroll Arts Center April 16, and a live report by newscaster Marianne Banister revealed shocking clues about an artful murder. “I am standing here at the Arts Center,...

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Carroll’s Top Moms

Written By Mary Spiro In traditional art, “motherhood” conjures up images of chubby infants cradled in the ample arms of blissful matrons. In the real world, “motherhood” is work that requires marathon endurance and executive...

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From a Heart of Carroll County

Written By Anne Blue By two months after the tsunami hit, 196,000 pounds of relief supplies, worth $2.8 million dollars, had left a large warehouse in New Windsor and were airlifted to destinations in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and...

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Union Bridge: The Little Town That Could

Written By Leslie Eckard Community spirit and innovation run like parallel train tracks in Union Bridge. The area is a study in contrasts: a hard scrabble land of rock and swamp that inspires works of art; a town poised for a...

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