The Year’s Distinguished Carroll Countians

Meet Carroll Magazine’s distinguished Carroll Countians for 2005. We selected them on the basis of their ongoing commitment to our community and their tireless efforts to make Carroll a better place in which to live, work...

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County’s Nonprofits Get a Big, New Holiday Gift

Written By Patricia Rouzer This year Carroll County’s nonprofit community is getting a very special holiday gift, and, boy, is it a whopper. Around New Year’s, some 20 Carroll nonprofits will move into a brand new multi-story...

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Portrait of a Complex Matriarch

Written By Cari Pierce Many adults of retirement age are exploring the world through travel and relishing time spent with family, perhaps with grandchildren. Not Dr. Faye Pappalardo. Instead of looking toward retirement, she’s...

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Starting Christmas Shopping Early

Written By Linda Morton Although the Christmas shopping season seems to begin earlier each year, Carroll County benevolent organizations have compelling reasons to start holiday plans in October and November. Their kind of...

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Autumn’s Ambiguity

Written By Sherwood Kohn The cool, clear air of autumn has for some time now evoked mixed emotions. In the days before 9/11 and Katrina, one looked up at the dry, blue sky, smelled the coming fall breezes, and felt a sense of...

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Capturing Beasts in Bronze

Written By Mary Spiro The place is Kenya, East Africa, early August. Bart Walter, a wiry man in his late 40s wearing wire rimmed glasses and an equally wiry beard, intently studies the form of a lioness crouched in the grass....

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4 Oustanding Homes: A Photo Essay

Written By Michael Dibari In the context of the currently superheated real estate market, whole subdivisions of what have been called “McMansions” are springing up. By contrast, a few large homes embody the best of their genre....

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Hot Hot Hot

Written By Patricia Rouzer Relatively modest houses that 15 years ago may have fetched $100,000 now command two or three times that– sometimes more in the coveted Mt. Airy, Finksburg, and Sykesville-Eldersburg areas, now...

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Odd Jobs: Celebrating Labors of Love on September 5

Written By Shelly Horn As Labor Day approaches, we look forward to celebrating the work ethic and the people who believe in it. Everybody is familiar with the usual means of employment. But some Carroll County breadwinners do...

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