Antrim 1844: The Pursuit of Perfection

Written By Patricia Bianca Everything about Taneytown’s Antrim 1844 Country Inn evokes the romance of a bygone era: the meticulously restored Greek Revival architecture of the mansion house, the carefully selected textiles and...

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A Couple for the Common Good

Written By Cari Pierce To paraphrase a well-worn maxim, behind every exceptional man is an exceptional woman. But when that man honors his mate, there is real evidence of symbiosis, a pairing of soul mates. On December 8, 1993,...

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A Railroad Run By Heart

Written By Evan Balkan It was a hot June day. In the dusty yard of the Maryland Midland Railroad (MMR), train cars sat at jaunty angles. Most were slick, freshly painted machines. Others had seen better days but retained a...

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The School Supplies Blues

Written By Cathy Drinkwater Better When my kids were growing up, their three least favorite words in the English language were “back to school.” Well, their second-least-favorite, actually, after “clean your room.” “Back to...

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Home is Where the Americana Is

Written by Cari Pierce What makes a house a home? In the case of the Westminster residence of Dennis and Dawn Thomas, the base of the formula is friendship – married for 40 years with a commitment to celebrating life with...

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Of Art, Destiny, and the Heifer Project

Written By Patricia Rouzer If you doubt the existence of destiny, a chat with Union Bridge artist Jo Israelson might give you pause. Guiding a visitor through her firehouse studiohome, which is currently undergoing a new round...

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The Lost Village Of Oakland Mill

Witten By Mary Spiro   When Diana Mills Scott of Eldersburg looks out across Liberty Reservoir, she sees a double row of red floats. In her mind’s eye, though, she also sees, under 3,100 acres of murky water, the remains of...

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Headed for the Sand? You Need to Gear Up!

Written By Shelly Horn Soon many Carroll residents will pack their suitcases and head to the beach. But will they have the latest innovations and styles in beach gear? Carroll Magazine readers will. From the beach chair that has...

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Taneytown: Where Everyone Gets Involved

Written By Patricia Bianca Taneytown may be the oldest town in Carroll County, but it is by no means the largest. With a population of just above 6,000 barely evident from its main thoroughfare, more than one passerby has dubbed...

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