Odd Jobs: Celebrating Labors of Love on September 5

Written By Shelly Horn As Labor Day approaches, we look forward to celebrating the work ethic and the people who believe in it. Everybody is familiar with the usual means of employment. But some Carroll County breadwinners do...

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Written By Mary Spiro When internationally-known jazz pianist Eric Byrd sits down at the piano, it is as if he is sitting down to chat with an old friend. And as blues and gospel-flavored music emerges, Byrd seems touched,...

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Finding Common Ground

Written By Lisa Breslin Approximately 4,000 people visited the Carroll County Farm Museum July 9 and 10 to immerse themselves in music, crafts, dance, and traditions from all over the globe. They heard Scottish ballads, songs...

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You’re Only As Young As Your Next Jump

Many men in their late 70s are content to retire and take it easy: play a leisurely game of golf, go fishing, sit on the front porch in a rocking chair. Not so for Paul S. Crowl, 77, of Finksburg. Last March, he broke with the...

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Carroll Visits: Mount Airy

Written By Carol Cahall At the heady altitude of about 830 feet, Mount Airy is the highest point between Baltimore and Braddock Heights. A brisk, steady wind is not uncommon. Local folks often comment, “they don’t call this...

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Antrim 1844: The Pursuit of Perfection

Written By Patricia Bianca Everything about Taneytown’s Antrim 1844 Country Inn evokes the romance of a bygone era: the meticulously restored Greek Revival architecture of the mansion house, the carefully selected textiles and...

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A Couple for the Common Good

Written By Cari Pierce To paraphrase a well-worn maxim, behind every exceptional man is an exceptional woman. But when that man honors his mate, there is real evidence of symbiosis, a pairing of soul mates. On December 8, 1993,...

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A Railroad Run By Heart

Written By Evan Balkan It was a hot June day. In the dusty yard of the Maryland Midland Railroad (MMR), train cars sat at jaunty angles. Most were slick, freshly painted machines. Others had seen better days but retained a...

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The School Supplies Blues

Written By Cathy Drinkwater Better When my kids were growing up, their three least favorite words in the English language were “back to school.” Well, their second-least-favorite, actually, after “clean your room.” “Back to...

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