Written By Sherwood Kohn

We are one. That’s not unusual. Plenty of fledgling publications get to be one year old. The trick is to keep the contraption upright and going in the right direction.

Last year at this time, like the little old ant in the 1959 Frank Sinatra movie, “A Hole in the Head,” we had high hopes. We thought you might be interested in a publication that kept you informed about events–mostly cultural–that take place in Carroll County.

Service was our purpose, and we have tried to keep our eye on the ball, providing not simply a diet of feature stories, but an increasingly comprehensive collection of information about things to do, people to know, and good places to eat in our neighborhood: knowledge that we hope makes life in Carroll County richer, more interesting, and a bit livelier.

The facts that we have lasted a whole year, increased the number of pages we publish, widened our circulation base, gained more advertising, and deepened our knowledge and coverage of the community indicate that we have made a good start.

In any event, there seem to be no major objections to what we have been doing. Of course, we have done nothing controversial, so the fact that no one has protested may not be an accurate indicator.

Some people may look askance at us because we are not investigative journalists. We feel that there is enough of that to go around. We do what we do without regard to partisanship or muck-raking. We intend merely to amuse and inform. If that’s not serious-minded enough, well, there are always talk shows and editorial pages.

Moreover, we have tried to do something a little different from the usual run of regional magazines. Oh, sure, we run a calendar of events and a list of restaurants, and we try to keep you informed about local art, music, theater, social, and cinematic events, but we also attempt to focus on the people who make up our community, and to give you a feeling for the character of the county.

We feel that’s task enough, and we embark on our second year of publication with a renewed dedication: Serving Carroll County.