Written  By: Lisa Breslin

Betsy Beveridge, an admissions counselor at McDaniel College, and Jon Roenick, a systems administrator for Carroll Hospital Center, were supposed to meet on a fall Sunday at 10:30 a.m., before the Ravens played the Minnesota Vikings.

Betsy wanted the date to be early enough so that she could watch the game. She didn’t rule out the possibility that she and Jon would enjoy each other’s company well enough to watch the game together. But approximately an hour before they were supposed to meet for coffee at Westminster Station in Westminster, Betsy sent a flurry of emails to a contact at Carroll Magazine: I’ve got a migraine. I’m not blowing this meeting off. Please see if we can reschedule. I’d be most grateful. I just got sick.

Jon said it was no problem and that he would be happy to reschedule the date to the following Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. So, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, the first couple to participate in Carroll Magazine’s “Coffee Mates” column met. Here is how their date unfolded:

Before the date:

Jon:  I was calm and cool. I’m a veteran of blind dates, and my attitude was “Here we go again.”

Betsy:  I was nervous – not sick to my stomach nervous. I was also feeling overwhelmed. It is hard to get into any relationship because I travel. I hoped he would be cool because I don’t really have a life right now.

The date:

Jon:  I ordered green tea and she ordered something I have never heard of before.

Betsy:  I ordered an Italian Soda – it was hot that day. One of the first things I said was something about the fact that he still had his nametag on. Where I work, if you are caught with your nametag on beyond the parking lot, someone usually says, “First round is on you.” He wore his nametag the entire time. I’ve made that mistake, too.

Jon:  We introduced ourselves – talked about what we did – I work at a hospital and most of what I do is over peoples’ heads because it is all computer stuff. She talked about her admissions work and how she travels a lot. We laughed about our survey responses. We sat on opposite sides of the booth until we took the photo, and then I stayed on her side of the booth. We talked about a lot, but not about one thing for too long.

Betsy:  I enjoyed the conversation. We covered a lot of taboo topics – religion, politics. He said he is a Republican financially, and socially he leans left. I’m becoming more and more left every day I’m alive.

Best Part About the Experience:

Betsy:  For me it was self discovery. I left the date thinking about where my life is going and what I want.
Jon: The best part for me was meeting someone without a ring on her finger.

Awkward moments:

Jon:  There were none that I felt.

Betsy:  The end can be awkward, especially how to bring things to an end. But for us the end went comparatively well. He walked me to my car; we talked about cars – his red Nissan truck – my rockin’ rented Nissan Versa (but I just bought a new 2010 Prius – I love it). We hugged and exchanged numbers.

Meet Again?

Jon:  Yes, definitely. If not with her, with someone else.

Betsy:  Potentially.

Appreciate the Most?

Jon:  She is a good sport to do this as a rookie. She is good spirited.

Betsy:  He didn’t run away screaming? He seems calm and comfortable with his opinions, and doesn’t worry about offending others, which is an outstanding quality. He certainly knows how to make a girl laugh, which is always a good thing.

How they rated the connection:

Jon:  Shot in the Dark

Betsy:  Shot in the Dark