Jo Fleck, Gypsy’s Tea Room, Westminster

After working as a nurse for several decades, Gypsy “Jo” Fleck decided to switch paths and she opened a small gift shop where she specialized in making gift baskets. It was at the urging of her customers that Fleck says that she decided to expand those offerings to include a tearoom. Twenty years later, Fleck is known around town for offering delicious tea, but more than that, a lovely tearoom experience.

And Gypsy’s is getting noticed outside of Carroll County too. The tearoom was featured by a national website ( along with eight other tearooms in the state.

“I can tell you it’s been very hard work, extremely hard work over the years,” Fleck said. “And that is why it means so much that customers enjoy what we’re doing. Being recognized like this is the pinnacle of what you can achieve in the tearoom business.”

Located at the William Winchester House in Westminster, 111 Stoner Ave., Gypsy’s Tearoom provides tea patrons with an intimate setting, paying special attention to the formal English table, menus, standards and style of service.

Fleck said that there are parallels in hosting tea and being a nurse.

“My last 6 years in nursing I was in hospice and I think it’s similar because we’re actually providing a period of respite for our guests and a place to relax and socialize and just be at peace,” Fleck said.

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