by James Rada Jr., photography by Bill Ryan

With unbounding enthusiasm, kids leap into the air only to have gravity pull them back to earth. Then surprisingly, they are airborne again, launched six … seven feet high with a shout of glee. Throw in some flips, splits, and other tricks and you have kids exercising without even realizing it.

Bryan Zuber decided to open Stratosphere Trampoline Park in Eldersburg because he had seen how much fun his children enjoyed a trip to a trampoline park in Delmar in 2012.

“I thought it was a great concept that I wanted to bring to Eldersburg,” Zuber said. “There was not much in the way in entertainment here, especially entertainment that involved physical activity.”

He opened the 22,000-square-foot Stratosphere Trampoline Park in May 2014. Since then, he has watched it become popular with children and adults alike.

Besides having one room that is wall-to-wall trampolines, the parks also has an area for trampoline dodgeball, an extreme bag jump, a tumble track, and an American Ninja Warrior course.

With all of its customers going airborne, Stratosphere takes precautions to ensure safety. Only one person is allowed on a trampoline at a time. Certain activities are forbidden. All activities are monitored by staff member to ensure safe conduct. Stratosphere also follows national safety protocols for trampolines.

The birthday area at Stratosphere.

The birthday area at Stratosphere.

“We’ve had a few minor incidents like a stubbed toe or twisted ankle, but statistically, trampolines are safer than football, soccer, or lacrosse,” Zuber said.

Zuber is also a big believer in community involvement, particularly since he is a locally owned business competing against large trampoline park chains.

“I have the flexibility to add programs based on the uniqueness of my community,” he said. “The chain places don’t.”

For instance, he works with the local school PTAs to use the park for fundraisers for their schools. He also gives the Carroll County Public Library System about 12,000 discount coupons annually to use with their Battle of the Books program. Stratosphere even has programs for homeschool students who want a fun and unique way to get their physical activity.


Stratosphere Trampoline Park  •  •  443-537-2626  •  1332 Londontown Blvd., Eldersburg, MD 21784

  • Besides Eldersburg, there are three other Stratosphere locations – Wilmington, DE; Delmar, MD; and Hainsport, NJ.
  • Children with special needs can enjoy the sensory jumps the second Sunday of each month. The 90-minute session uses dim lights and minimal extraneous sounds so that children can socialize in a judgement-free environment.
  • Play ultimate dodgeball when it’s played on trampolines. Join a league or just join with a group of friends on the dodgeball arena.
  • Homeschoolers have their own 90-minute classes every Wednesday and Thursday that helps them fulfill their physical education requirements.
  • You are required to sign an annual waiver in order to use the trampolines.
  • If you are going to jump on the trampolines, you need to wear grip socks sold at Stratosphere. 
  • Get fit in a fun way by participating in the Thursday fitness classes that offer low-impact exercises on the trampolines.
  • Stratosphere can also be rented for parties, group events, fundraisers and field trips.
  • When it opened, Stratosphere was the first trampoline park in Maryland on this side of the Bay Bridge.
  • Many people still aren’t sure what a trampoline park is. Cuber meets people all the time who think he either manufactures trampolines or sells them.