by Bill Sands

We asked residents to share wisdom their mothers shared with them by answering the question, “What has your mother taught you that you value the most?”  Here are the lessons conveyed.

“Don’t be afraid to be creative.” Jeff Merrill

“Honesty is always the most important virtue.” Greg Penczek

“Life is short, enjoy every moment.” Stacey Carlini

“Never underestimate the value of thrifting.” Rachel Steiner

“The world can be a dark place, so it’s up to us to add light to our lives.” Russ Schauermann

“Stop your whining!” Robert Wack

“Always be honest with yourself and others.” Pam Kaufman

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Sherri Dreschler

“Believe in other people, and always treat them with respect.” Margit Scharff

“Play outside every day, and don’t come back inside until I call you.” Ed Wack