Classic Thai

Written By Christina Widener The friendliness of the owners and the simple design and functionality of the place are impressive. Combined with the unique Thai aroma, a rich combination of coconut milk, curry, and sautŽed chicken...

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Harry’s Main Street Grille

Written By Donna Engle Not So Much a Restaurant as a Human Resource. When Harry Sirinakis stands in the kitchen of Harry’s Main Street Grille in Westminster, he may be turning hot dogs in the same way his father and his...

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The Precipitously Pervasive Pomegranate

Written By Patricia Bianca The juice of the pomegranate is the main ingredient in actress Charlize Theron’s favorite cocktail; the flavor of the exotic, globular fruit has appeared in almost 300 different products this year...

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In Search of the Ultimate Thanksgiving Pie

Written By Cari Pierce THERE’S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT A PIE. Choosing a favorite Thanksgiving pastry is surely a matter of taste — and for some, of tradition. Pumpkin pie is a likely preference. So, too, are pecan and apple....

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Going Grilling In Style

Written By Melinda Tennison Whether your ideal backyard barbecue has an international flair, traditional fare, or lighter offerings, you are sure to find this year’s sizzling outdoor ideas a delicious recipe for success. Just...

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The Sweetness of the Farmers’ Market

Written By Linda Morton Sunny skies and farmers’ markets are synonymous in places like Carroll County. Rolling hills to the north, south, east or west lead you to places where you can fill up your tote bags with the sweet smell...

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The Buttersburg Inn: Warm Ambiance and Comfort Food

Written By Jane Frutchey Annual trips to Vermont’s bed and breakfasts spurred Frank Tunzi and Jim Rowe’s interest in owning and operating The Buttersburg Inn, located in Union Bridge. By spring 2002, their dream became reality...

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Marina Cuisina Cafe

Written By Cari Pierce Marina Cuisina Cafe Found: A Captain’s Table in Eldersburg Marina Cuisina” could translate as “a happy family that cooks together,” because that is what you will find in this hidden-away cafŽ in...

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The Taste of Amore: Liberatore’s Restaurant

Written By Patricia Bianca Saying that amorŽ is an Italian word for love is like comparing The Amazon to Piney Creek. AmorŽ is all-consuming passion, the stuff of classic novels, ageless songs and timeless poetry. The Italians...

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Three for Tea

Written By Anne Blue The annual whirlwind of activity often makes it hard to find peace during the holiday season. Many Carroll residents have found a civilized antidote to the chaotic rush of celebratory preparations: hot cups...

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